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The Surprising Health Benefits You Gain From Listening to Jazz

The Surprising Health Benefits You Gain From Listening to Jazz While jazz is always a joy to listen to, there are actually medically-proven ways that it benefits your health. From smooth jazz to Dixieland to a jazz female vocalist, read on

Why You Should Get Your MFA in Photography to Pursue a Career

If you’re interested in developing a career as a photographer, you may find it helpful to pursue a photography MFA. As you earn your degree, you can apply what you learn to your practice of photography. Whether you decide to freelance

The Benefits of Learning How to Play an Upright Bass in Marietta

If you want to learn how to play a string instrument, consider starting with an upright bass rental instead of a violin. Although the violin is the most popular instrument from the string family, many bands and orchestras need bass players.

Learn Fundamentals of Artistic Design to Unlock Your Talents

Myron was a highly acclaimed artist who chose to devote 35 years of his life to art instruction when he stopped creating his works. He wanted to teach students the fundamental skills of drawing, something he found lacking in many art

Three Reasons to Consider Attending Animation School in Chicago, IL

Is becoming a professional animator your career goal? You may have heard that you can learn everything you need to know online, but going to school for animation is a valuable experience that sets you apart from the competition. Whether you