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Event planning Fundas

Event planning is basically a process where planning is done for a particular occasion such as marriage ceremony, festival, competition, convention or a party. Today event planning is an important and crucial part of any event. Event planning includes a lot


Entertainers are those people who are hired to entertain audience in private parties, shows, weddings etc. One must keep in mind the fact whether the entertainer will be successful in entertaining the crowd he is appointed for. What if a stand

DVD review

DVD review is basically a feedback of any DVD which helps the customers to be familiar with its content well in advance. One can go through the DVD review to know whether the DVD provide what you are looking for. Therefore

DJs to liven up your party

DJs are people who play music by selecting from a collection of records. DJs have now become a lifeline of every party. No party is complete without the presence of a DJ. DJs are also popular for remixing the original sound


A celebrity is someone who is followed by media persons and is famous amongst many people. Sometimes it may take a long time for someone to become a celebrity and for some it is an overnight change. Celebrities may become famous