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Why video games are not that bad after all?

With more and more people taking to video games, companies are riding on new technologies to cash in the craze. Gamers are often slammed and criticised for not being active in outdoor sports and thereby of a lazy lifestyle. It is

Software programs to get the edge in music

People have a fascination with musicians and their instruments. They dream of being like them one day but it seems like a distant dream with a large number to compete with. Do not lose hope, with right help and guidance you

Online gambling

For the first time in world history, online gaming was introduced in the year 1995. It gained momentum ever since the Caribbean government legalized online gambling back then in 1990’s. Although in many countries online gambling is still illegal. Cryptologic was

Event spaces – Making the right choice

Event spaces as the name suggests are the venue(s) used for holding events. Event spaces refers to the spaces for all sorts of events, be it marriages, parties, conferences or any other. Even after the event has ended, people only think

Event planning Fundas

Event planning is basically a process where planning is done for a particular occasion such as marriage ceremony, festival, competition, convention or a party. Today event planning is an important and crucial part of any event. Event planning includes a lot