Advance Your Career With an Interior Architecture Degree

When you are ready to move forward, perhaps with a change of careers, it is a wise choice to consider our program in interior architecture. Our program is designed with the ideal mix of art, science and perspective. We have put together a world-class faculty who are known around the globe for their expertise and innovative approaches to interior architecture. You will learn from the people who are widely accepted as the best in their fields.

Our degree program in interior architecture sets you up to work in many different markets. Perhaps you want to work on multi-unit residential designs for family homes, condominiums or senior living centers. Maybe your past experiences have you wanting to change the interior designs of hospitals, retail centers, schools or government buildings. Maybe you have grand plans for updating the architecture of municipal buildings such as airports or train stations. No matter what your goals are, we are ready to help you achieve them.

In our program, you will also learn about energy efficiency, aesthetics, psychology and other subjects that relate to what people want in the interior design of a building and what makes them happy, comfortable and motivated. You will learn about the differences between designing the inside of an office for a tech company and setting up a functional retail space. Our program also sets you up for success in designing innovative living spaces for people with disabilities or other special needs.

At the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, we are ready to help you enter the career of your dreams. Contact us to learn more about a degree in interior architecture. You may also visit us online at in order to learn more about our interior architecture degree program.

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