Everyone needs a break from their hectic life schedules and stressful days of work. Amusement parks act as the source of entertainment in such occasions. Amusement parks include thrilling and fun rides and entertainment attractions for the kids as well as adults. Not only does it include rides but some also have water parks which attracts more people. Apart from rides and entertainment attractions amusement parks also have food courts, indoor and video games which makes it a complete family entertainment source.

Facilities provided by amusement parks

Amusement parks also provide other activities and facilities apart from the rides such as shooting facilities, golf courses, boating facilities, spas, exercise equipment, fishing piers and platforms and bowling lanes. Many Amusement parks also have a bar and disc to satisfy all the demands of their customers.

Services such as baby care centre, first aid centre, a shopping arcade, parking and wheelchairs for the disabled are also available in most of the amusement parks.

How much do they cost?

Going to the amusement park and having fun does not cost much. Enjoying the rides and the adventure sports will cost around 500-1000 rupees excluding the shopping expenses and the food charges.

Best time to visit

The best time to visit the amusement park is during the fall. The thrill is doubled when the weather is pleasant. The parks are very crowded during the summer season and when there is any event going on in the park. Also it should be kept in mind that parks should not be visited on a weekend when they are most crowded. Weekdays are suitable to visit the amusement parks. Also the price of the tickets goes up when it is the tourist season so the trip to the amusement park should be well planned beforehand.

amusement parks
amusement parks
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