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A top arts and design school offer all the niches, vocations, and opportunities that the liberal arts education spectrum has to offer. Whether you’re a painter, designer, photographer, dancer, writer or filmmaker, there is a space for you. The core values of top schools aim to invoke a spirit of critical investigation, experimentation, and creativity, and to provide a place in which this spirit can flourish. This is why, if you know that textile design is what’s calling you, you need a space that can nurture your unique talents.

Textile Design

Textile design creates patterns and designs for fabric. Two major areas that offer careers in this field include clothing and interior designs. Crucial to the fashion and home decor industries, textile designers are responsible for creating two-dimensional art intended for fabric, which is very often used on a repeat basis.

What Does a Textile Designer Do?

The work and responsibilities of a designer in this field are varied and multifaceted, as they can work as part of a design team or become self-employed and can choose to specialize in a specific area within the industry in which they want to work. In any capacity, a designer is expected to keep up to date with market and fashion trends in their field, attend trade shows, appraise the work of competitors, manage public relations (if self-employed) or represent the company if they’re working as part of a team. They are also responsible for producing sketches, samples, and designs to exhibit to customers and potential clients, as well as representing the specific needs and want of their clients. As with any profession, to do this successfully, a designer must stay on top of the trends and changes within their field.

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