Be an Artist on the Move with A Low-Residency Master of Fine Arts Degree

If you are looking for a low-residency MFA program, then you must research to find schools that offer it. When you find an art based school that has this program, they should take your art experience to a whole new level. Keep reading to learn what this program is all about.


This MFA program relates to the philosophy and teaching of art and how it always changes. It is a three-year program designed for modern-day artists and writers who are always on the go. The MFA course goes hand-in-hand with the fine arts program to give you an education that is ranked highly.

What Happens

The low-residency program’s teachers should teach you using many different models. They should use both hands-on and technologically based learning tools. Using different methods makes for the best learning.

Most of the course focuses on learning about and writing about different artists. You should also learn how to research artists to learn even more about what you are studying. You could complete the course in three summers. You would learn and study the following:

* Create art that relates to your style.
* Work with others.
* Learn from well-known artists, writers, and more.
* Partake in small group analysis and presentations.
* Have a mentor who helps you.
* Get access to all campus the resources.
* Graduate with others who share your passion.

This program is designed for artists who want to take part in discussions about modern art and ideas. Since the course offers a range of accommodations, it should fit into your schedule needs. It is always great to find a program that is flexible.

If you want a program that is challenging and allows you to work with others, then this is the perfect course for you. You should find a school and sign up!

If you are looking for a school that has a low residency MFA program, please visit the School of the Art Institute of Chicago at

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