In a world of ever changing technology where the word “digital” takes over our everyday lives books have become a thing of the past. Most of us rather spend time searching Google for subjects of interest than open up a good book, which is the only media that can set our imagination on fire, excites us and leaves a lasting impression. It builds our vocabulary to great magnitude, improves our grammar, language and helps build our confidence to converse with flair and style.

Children nowadays prefer or have been forced by the elders to watch a movie or video. Gone are the days of bed time story telling and so with it the bonding between parent and child. Television has taken over storytelling, where it distorts the imagination, inputs involuntarily the message it wants to convey to the individual and revolutionise the whole concept of reading, comprehension and decision making. Books are now gathering dusts in the corners except when it’s time for the exams. Even so, students look more towards Google as the master communicator and educator. Visiting libraries were a great past time decades ago but now even that has changed to suit the contemporary reader. We now have videos, CDs and DVDs to take home to sit back and watch. You can free download articles from the internet. Even magazines have become electronically available.

Nothing can give more pleasure than to read a master story teller at his best who makes you turn the pages with excitement and thrill like Dan Brown, Frederick Forsythe and many others. Now e-books are the modern day reader’s choice. Perhaps in an effort to create an environmental-friendly and “paperless” earth we are losing the most precious gift slowly but surely.



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