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Learn Fundamentals of Artistic Design to Unlock Your Talents

Myron was a highly acclaimed artist who chose to devote 35 years of his life to art instruction when he stopped creating his works. He wanted to teach students the fundamental skills of drawing, something he found lacking in many art

Top Textile Design Schools Ready Students for Fabric Art Careers

Pursuing a career as a textile designer offers a way for someone who loves creating art to get a job doing so. A broad range of options are available, all of them focusing on fabric. Graduating from one of the top

Where to Find the Best Wall Art and Original Paintings

When it comes to finding a way to upgrade the look and feel of a room in your home, adding some quality decor can be a great way to change things up. It can enhance the vibe and improve the look

Advance Your Education in Architecture at the SAIC

When you already have a degree in architecture, interior design or a related field, you might be ready to advance yourself and take the next step in your career. An ideal way to do this is with our Master of Architecture

The Importance of Having the Perfect Stage

A stage is a focal point of any gathering. Be it music concerts, political rallies, dance shows, graduations, or entertainment performances, these are common acts that are performed in front of an audience. The stage makes an individual or an act