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The Surprising Health Benefits You Gain From Listening to Jazz

The Surprising Health Benefits You Gain From Listening to Jazz While jazz is always a joy to listen to, there are actually medically-proven ways that it benefits your health. From smooth jazz to Dixieland to a jazz female vocalist, read on

Listening to a Top Los Angeles CA Female Jazz Artist Can Be Relaxing

Relaxing or getting work done can be more enjoyable when listening to one of the top female jazz singers currently making great-sounding music. They have a nostalgic, attractive voice sounding like the ones you might have heard in the 40s and

Hire A Jazz Female Vocalist For Your Next Event

For many, the best type of music is live music. If you want to impress your guests, be they wedding guests or for other events, you’ll want to have live music that speaks to the people. This can be done by

The Interconnected Effect of Jazz Music on Your Brain

Most people do not realize just how complex their brains actually are. In recent years, there have been innumerable amounts of studies performed on the stimulating effects that certain trigger activities have on this organ. The act of listening to music

The Influential Jazz Music Scene

In the Southern part of the U.S. jazz made its appearance at the beginning of the twentieth century. This musical genre combines many different elements including American music, European music, and African music. Jazz has been built upon improvisations, syncopations, swung