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The Interconnected Effect of Jazz Music on Your Brain

Most people do not realize just how complex their brains actually are. In recent years, there have been innumerable amounts of studies performed on the stimulating effects that certain trigger activities have on this organ. The act of listening to music

The Influential Jazz Music Scene

In the Southern part of the U.S. jazz made its appearance at the beginning of the twentieth century. This musical genre combines many different elements including American music, European music, and African music. Jazz has been built upon improvisations, syncopations, swung

Notable Female Recording Artists

Debbie Harry Solo Artist or Band? Both Band Name: Blondie Genre: New Wave, Punk Greatest Hit: 1997, “Heart of Glass” Harry easily is the greatest female punk icon who has ever lived. Her career as Blondie’s lead singer and following solo

The Female Vocalist and Jazz Music

The female vocalist has always been an important part of the Jazz movement. Historically speaking Jazz is one of the genres that have welcomed women with open arms from its inception but to be a jazz singer a woman has to

A New Era Of Opportunities Online For Musicians

The Internet is changing everything about how we live our lives. One of the biggest hits was to the music industry. Album sales dropped. Napster sued Metallica yet torrents today stream through the airwaves like rushing snow melt in the spring.