A celebrity is someone who is followed by media persons and is famous amongst many people. Sometimes it may take a long time for someone to become a celebrity and for some it is an overnight change. Celebrities may become famous and popular because of their fan following or the type of work they do in their lives or their profession. However most celebrities today belong to the film industry. These celebrities are popular not only in their own countries but in other parts of the worlds as well where people know them just by their name today.

Professions that create a celebrity

There are some particular professions which result into making a person a celebrity. Such professions include movie and television stars, businessmen, industrialists, politicians, journalists, television reporters, supermodels, radio personalities, musicians, athletes, film producers and directors, theatre actors, fashion designers, authors, scientists and dancers.

These professions have also become as popular career options these days because of celebrities being coming from such professions.

Life of a celebrity

Life of a celebrity is not as simple and fascinating as it seems or rather as fascinating as it is shown. They often face problems regarding their privacy. Media person are always on the lookout for any insignificant news about celebrities which makes it difficult for them to have a private life of their own. No matter what they do or where they go is read about in the newspapers the very next day by people. Often what is reported is nothing but a rumor.

Networking by celebrities

To build their popularity celebrities often post blogs on websites such as twitter and are very active on facebook and MySpace. These sites let the celebrities to directly keep in touch with their fans and respond to their love and affection. This has also made some websites very popular amongst the masses.



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