Finding The Best Muslim Wedding Invitation Cards

by | Apr 8, 2014 | Wedding

Indian weddings acknowledge the union between a man and woman, and their families as well. They are large, extended family celebrations. Many people are surprised by the length of Indian weddings. Weddings in India may last several days, and several hours in the U.S. One can learn a lot about a culture by studying the rituals, including weddings.

For example, the hands and feet of the bride, her family and friends are painted with elaborate designs, using henna. The groom’s name or initials may be hidden in the designs, and it is a wedding night ritual for him to find them. Indians send elaborate invitations called wedding cards. offers a unique collection of Indian Sikh, Hindu or Muslim Wedding Invitation Cards. Traditionally, Indian brides wear red which symbolizes purity, joy, prosperity, happiness and wealth. Indian brides often choose variations of red, like magenta. The groom’s arrival to the wedding is called, “the baraat.” It’s a special time when the groom and his family arrive. It is traditional for the groom to arrive on a white horse. In modern weddings, a white limousine takes the place of a horse. The bride’s family often presents the groom with garlands of flowers and gifts.

All customs are important at Indian weddings. It is important to have the best Hindu or Muslim Wedding Invitation Cards. The mandap (or wedding canopy) is the location and focus of Hindu weddings. The mandap has four pillars which represent the four holy Vedic scriptures, and the bride and groom’s parents. The mandap is usually, ornately, decorated with flowers and tapestries. One of the most important elements of a Hindu wedding is the sacred fire. The sacred fire is a symbol of purification. The bride and groom circle the fire and chant their vows. Turmeric plays an important role in Indian weddings, because it is thought to have cleansing qualities. Turmeric is often part of the mangalsutra, the bridal necklace. The mangalsutra plays a similar role to a wedding ring, and the bride wears it all her life. Learning about different rituals helps people to appreciate other people, and their cultures.

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