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Choosing a wedding photographer should take time, with couples asking important questions in to determine if a photographer is right for them. The photographer should be well-equipped to capture the exact moments the couple is hoping to see. A Charleston Wedding Photography Expert should be asked four main questions before a couple decides to hire them.

Do You Offer a Free Consultation?

The very first question to ask is whether or not there is a free consultation included. Some photographers may want to speak over the phone and charge for the first visit to look at photos. Others, however, will offer a free, sit-down consultation that allows the couple to get a good feel for who they are and what their work will be like.

Do You Have Sample Photos?

One of the first questions to ask at the consultation is in regards to sample photos. A photographer should have a full set of pictures that they are able to show couples to showcase their skills. Seeing the types of photographs the photographer can take will help the couple determine if he is right for them.

What Recent Events Have You Photographed?

It is wise to ask what recent events the photographer has photographed. They may be an expert wedding photographer, but if all of their most recent sessions have been family portraits and children’s photos, they may not be the best option for handling a wedding at the moment. Someone that handles weddings regularly and has performed at least a few in their most recent sessions seems best equipped to handle the job.

Are There Engagement and Wedding Package Deals?

Many couples looking for a photographer want someone who can handle both their engagement photos and their wedding photos. This will truly help them get a good relationship going with the photographer and ensure they know what type of work to expect from the person. Many photographers offer package deals at special prices for photographing both the engagement and the wedding.

Charleston Wedding Photography requires careful consideration. Couples should be sure to ask these important questions if they want to decide on a photographer who will best suit their needs. is a photography website to check out that offers a variety of sample photos and information to help couples make their decision.

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