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When using screen printing, using it to promote your company logo can be a powerful tool for advertising. Just placing your logo on tee-shirts, baseball caps and duffel bags cam be great for your company logo. When you give out the items with your logo on them, everyone becomes a walking billboard for your company. If you’re just learning how to do screen prints, you need to get your equipment and take a training course to learn how to make your screen prints look professional.

One of the most important things you need to buy, besides your screen frames, are Screen Printing Screens. They’re usually made of aluminum. You can buy anywhere from 1-5 to 1- 50+. You can get them pre-coated with DXP textile (with Plastisol ink), coated with DCM graphic (solvent inks) or coated with WBP Emulsion with water based inks. The aluminum mesh screen is one of the most commonly used screens. 125 mesh is great for printing with ink, especially white ink, and most other colored inks. Even those who have a thicker viscosity print well work on the 125 mesh screens. Most of them are durable, light-weight and are strong.

You can print even faster when you use pre-coated mesh screens. The coated screens are exposure ready and sent to you in a safe heat-sealed bag. This ensures that your bag is unexposed and ready for you to expose in a few minutes after you take it out of the bag. When you open your bag, make sure that you do it in a hundred percent light safe environment.

You can find design templates to use for your screen art. They’re highly creative and impressive. You don’t have to spend hours in front of the computer trying to create your own design when someone else has done it for you. With the right Screen Printing Screens and the design templates that has the best look for your project, you’ll be on your way of getting your screen printing project done in a very professional manner and in a flash.

Whether you’re trying to get your company advertised or you’re just a hobbyist learning a new skill, finding the best quality of Screen Printing Screens is the beginning of your finished product.

MSJ Screen Printing Supplies is the place to find all the screen printing supplies, equipment and kits you need. Contact Msj-Gallery – Fremont for more.

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