Health Benefits and Other Advantages of Golfing for Senior Citizens

Golfing is a popular athletic pursuit among senior citizens for several reasons. It also is one of the healthier sports that older men and women can pursue. Residents of southeastern Wisconsin and northeastern Illinois might like to try a highly ranked Lake Geneva, WI, golf course when they’re ready for the challenge.

Health Benefits of Golfing

Playing golf offers a chance to engage in a fun activity outside. The sport doesn’t demand a vigorous workout. It requires a certain level of skill and intelligent thinking. In addition, walking is one of the healthiest forms of exercise. Even when someone uses a cart to get around the course, this person will stroll to hit the ball at tee-off, on the fairway and on the putting green.

Golfing helps build and maintain muscle strength. Seniors who regularly play at a Lake Geneva, WI, golf course improve their balance and coordination. That’s important for preventing falls in this age group.

Relevant Research

A study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine confirmed that golfing has many health benefits and can even increase a player’s lifespan. The moderate intensity of physical exercise involved combined with the need to think carefully about each move is helpful for physical and mental well-being. Additional research shows that a person can burn up to 850 calories playing 18 holes when using a cart to get around the course.

Relationships and Mood

Golf is also advantageous for building social relationships, as people see familiar faces on the course and in the clubhouse whenever they go. In addition, virtually any type of exercise enhances mood through the release of more endorphins in the brain. Details on a highly-ranked Lake Geneva course are provided at Abbey Springs Country Club contact them now.

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