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Math is one of those subjects students either love or despise. As kids progress into the higher grades, the difficulty level of math continually increases. This is why it is vital for kids to learn the basic math skills early on in elementary school. First grade is the perfect time to ensure your kid’s math skills are perfected to pave the way for more difficult math concepts in the years to come. There are a large variety of online math games for 1st grade you can introduce to your child to help him with his math skills.

Laying the Foundation

Kids need a solid foundation of math skills before they can move on to the more complex problems. The basic math skills learned in kindergarten include counting by 1s, 2s, 5s and 10s, as well as learning how to tell which numbers have a higher value, basic addition and other basic numerical concepts. Many first grade students could use a reinforcement of these skills from time to time, even if they have mastered the skills. Math is one of those subjects that if you do not use your skills, you lose them. This is where math games for 1st grade come in handy to reinforce those skills.

Learning New Skills

Online math games for 1st grade are also a great opportunity to introduce students to new math skills. While there is no replacement for the actual teacher or parent offering the in-person instruction to the new math skills, the non-threatening and fun environment of computer games allows children a pleasant introduction or supplementation to the new concepts. In 1st grade, kids start to learn how to count to higher numbers and compare numbers, as well as more complex addition and subtraction problems.

Personalized Learning

The greatest benefit of using online math games for 1st grade is the ability to tailor the skill level to your child. Oftentimes in the classroom, the children who are working on lower skills than the majority of the class are rushed along to keep up with the rest of the students. This can be detrimental to children and discourage their desire to learn new math skills. When you use online math games, your child is able to work on the skills he understands or is comfortable working on before moving on to more complex problems. This eliminates the risk of your child getting lost in the shuffle and becoming discouraged with math overall.

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