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As any professional within the entertainment world knows, the stage is one of the most important elements of any performance. Without it, performers would have a much more difficult time setting up their shows. However, while the majority of stages are made to be sturdy and reliable, there are still several things stagehands and backstage crew must do in terms of stage rigging to ensure the performance can go on as safely and smoothly as possible.

Inspect Your Stage Setup Each Year

Just because your stage rigging equipment seems reliable in the moment doesn’t mean it will remain in that condition permanently. You should ideally look it over thoroughly once every year to make sure it looks and functions as it should. You can do this with assistance from a qualified professional inspector who will know what to look for and give you documentation of any issues in need of repair.

Set Up Your Loading Gallery

Be sure to properly arrange your loading gallery with each stage rigging job. Your loading gallery is what allows you to properly balance your equipment so you can perform your job more easily and safely.

Train Your Staff Thoroughly

Complete training is a must whenever you hire on new staff members. Be sure to show them all of the ins and outs of the stage rigging process before letting them start working in any capacity. An under trained worker can be incredibly dangerous when it comes to setting up the stage, if only because they aren’t aware of all the safety measures to take. You must inform all new hires about how to best use and handle all equipment and materials, as well as what they are for. In addition, you should keep every staff member regularly up-to-date on stage rigging protocols.

To learn more about the safest methods of stage rigging, get in touch with Gallagher Staging by calling 714-690-1559 or visiting their website.

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