Illegal download can have serious consequences

Movies and music are considered the two of the best stress busting methods followed over world wide. Going to theatres can be a pinch on the pocket and hence downloading of movies is the second preferred option. What seems as an easy option can be of harsh consequences if illegal downloading of movies is carried out. Theatre profits are on a decline because of illegal downloads and this is worrying factor for the producers.

‘Illegal download’ itself explains that it is against the law. Illegal downloading of movies is a criminal offence and covers both the uploading and downloading parties. Punishment for such an offence can be hefty fines or even imprisonment. Most people download from free torrent sites without realising what lies ahead. Technological advances have made it possible to track down those downloading from torrent sites. The next time if you or anyone you know tries doing it the other way, be prepared to be put behind the bars. Film producers association has come together to convince legislation to make strictest of laws.

Why people do the unlawful, when legally sanctioned sites which offer download for a small fee is an option, is still unanswerable. People who download it illegally are unaware of the fact that technology works equally for all and so any wrong doing can be caught spot on. The film fraternity with large money on stakes is not going to let loose on people who eat their share of pie. And so, with the latest in the technology market are making every possible effort to see that nothing goes into piracy. Pirated versions affect the industry largely and only strict following of laws will put some regulation to this highly unregulated piracy market.



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