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Debbie Harry
Solo Artist or Band? Both
Band Name: Blondie
Genre: New Wave, Punk
Greatest Hit: 1997, “Heart of Glass”
Harry easily is the greatest female punk icon who has ever lived. Her career as Blondie’s lead singer and following solo work are legendary; her video for “Rapture” became the initial rap video ever broadcast from MTV and featured appearances by Fab Five Freddy and numerous New York City graffiti artists. This multi-platinum star has a number of Number One albums under her belt and she cemented her place as a bona-fide pop sex symbol.

Jennifer Lopez
Solo Artist or Band? Solo
Genre: Latin Pop, R&B, Pop, Dance
Greatest Hit: 1999, “If You Had My Love”
From dancing as a Fly Girl on the show In Living Color and starring as Selena to dropping 7 studio records and being a judge American Idol, Jennifer dominated the entertainment sector and became an archetypal sexy singer. Jenny from the Block, whose variety of hits involve “Ain’t It Funny” and “If You Had My Love,” is not merely an icon in the movie and film industry, she also is a trendsetter. Must we remind you of her “J.Lo booty”?

Solo Artist or Band? Both
Band Name: Destiny’s Child
Genre: Hip-Hop, R&B, Pop
Greatest Hit: 2003, “Crazy in Love”
Knowles has it all. Beginning with Destiny’s Child, a trio that killed the charts with songs which include “Independent” and “Bills, Bills, Bills,” amongst others. Beyonce eventually ventured out on by herself, without shade from the others in the group, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams. Your memory of her number one singles “Single Ladies” and “Crazy In Love” (as well as parodies they spawned) is evidence enough of Beyonce’s impact as a solo artist.

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