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Choosing an outdoor setting for your wedding and reception often gives you a blank canvas to fill with your ideas. Instead of competing with other colors within a building, you have an open space to showcase your personality. You can add all sorts of fabrics, lighting, and flowers to customize the area to match your tastes. There are many advantages that come with booking outdoor wedding venues in Wisconsin. Please continue reading below to learn more.


With some venues, you may feel that you have to stuff your guests inside, so everyone has a place to sit. Because of this, they may feel they cannot move around as much as they want and cannot enjoy your event. Yet, outdoor wedding venues in Lake Geneva, WI allow much more space. The seats can get placed further apart, and your guests can stroll around when they need to stretch their legs.


The Japanese practice of “forest bathing” has become a recommended practice all over the United States. The habit is beneficial to your health and does not involve getting undressed in public. Instead, you only need to immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of a natural setting. Outdoor wedding venues in Lake Geneva, WI give your guests a chance to enjoy soaking up more sun and breathing fresh air. Even doing this for a little while has been shown to lessen anxiety, reduce stress-related hormones, and boost cognitive function.

Visit Abbey Springs for the perfect outdoor wedding venues in Lake Geneva, WI.

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