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When you are looking for the perfect way to award the athletes on your team at the end of a long, hard season, you have plenty of options for awards. One of your newest options is the custom acrylic awards that are available on the market. These awards can be engraved with any information you desire in a fun new way so everyone will remember this season for a long time to come. There are many benefits to choosing this type of award for your team.


Acrylic awards provide you with the look of a delicate glass award without the increased risk of breaking. This material is impact-resistant, which means it will hold up for a longer period of time. It is also a material that is easy to engrave, providing your team with a classy looking award that will last them a lifetime. Until someone inspects the award more closely, they will think it is a fancy glass award.

Customization Options

Custom acrylic awards provide you some of the greatest customization options of any type of award. The acrylic piece can be created in just about any shape you desire so you can fully portray the reason for the award. In addition to choosing the shape of the acrylic piece, you will also be able to choose what is engraved into the acrylic. You can engrave just about anything, including names, dates and pictures. These awards work well for just about any occasion, whether your team came out the champions or you just want to thank them for working hard all year.

A Beautiful Reward

When most people receive an award, they want to be able to show it off. While they will show off any award they receive, providing them with an acrylic award will make them really want to show it off. This type of award looks great no matter where it is displayed. It looks even better when a light is shown directly on it because of the way the light reflects through the clear acrylic.

If you are considering ordering custom acrylic awards for your team at the end of the year, it is important to weigh out the benefits. When you choose acrylic awards, you will be able to choose from a wide variety of customization options to create one that will truly fit the purpose of the award. These awards are also more attractive than other types of awards, making it something the recipients will really want to show off.

To learn more about the benefits of custom acrylic awards for your team, visit the Rainbow Engraving website or call 1-813-685-0792.


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