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If you want to learn how to play a string instrument, consider starting with an upright bass rental instead of a violin. Although the violin is the most popular instrument from the string family, many bands and orchestras need bass players. Once you master it, you likely will be able to find work.


An upright bass rental comes in various sizes. Young children often start with a half-size bass. These smaller units let their hands learn the technique without overwhelming them. When you start looking for a
String Bass For Sale In Marietta, GA, you may also find a medium-sized model and the traditional adult ones.


If you have decided to purchase your bass, opting for a used model is an economical way to go. A string bass for sale in Marietta, GA, should not have any cracks. The wood might have hairline fractures if the seller stored the instrument in a dry environment. Be sure to take a close look at the grain, sides, and neck. It is probably not a good idea to buy the item site unseen in this situation.


Now that you own or are using an upright bass rental, you will need to care for the wood. The best technique is to wipe it down with a lint-free towel. You should not apply any furniture wax, polish, or soap products to it. These chemicals may do more harm than good. If an instrument is really dirty, take it to a professional. Vacuum out the case and wipe down the bow.

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