The Ease Of Decorating For A Reception

When you’re trying to decorate for a wedding reception, but you have a strict budget that you’re working with, there are a few options that you have so that the venue is beautiful without spending a lot of money. Invest in white lights. You can get these when they are on sale during the Christmas season. They can be used for multiple wedding receptions that you decorate for and given to others who are decorating for their events as well as white usually blends with any other color.

As you begin decorating for a Lake Geneva wedding reception venue, think about how you can personalize the chairs. You could get covers for all of them, but this is usually an expensive option. An idea to consider is to tie ribbons around the backs of the chairs, making a bow at the top or in the center.

If you want to incorporate elegance, then maybe the use of a small water fountain is a good touch. You can place the fountain in a corner of the Lake Geneva wedding reception venue or on the main table where the bride and groom will sit. This feature is one that guests are sure to enjoy.

Since there will likely be food at the reception, use it as a way to decorate. Arrange foods on clear platters so that guests can see different layers from underneath and above the platter. Create a dessert bar with jars of candy that are decorated with ribbons and paint. If the wedding is one that is more rustic, then consider wooden trays of cheese, fresh fruits, and bread. Candles are another way to decorate tables without spending a lot of money that can also highlight certain areas of the tables that you want guests to focus on at the reception.

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