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The female vocalist has always been an important part of the Jazz movement. Historically speaking Jazz is one of the genres that have welcomed women with open arms from its inception but to be a jazz singer a woman has to be able to bring the whole package. There is something so sultry about this genre that it seems to be made for the female artist. Affecting the right sound is a necessity to be a success in this industry. The voice has to be able to affect a smoky, smooth, sultry sound. It is not easy which may be why while it is a welcoming industry it can be hard to really get any attention if you do not have the talent.

Making It in the Industry
Making it in the industry requires not only talent but a presence. The right singer has to have a complete package. They have to have:

*The look
*The style
*The attitude
*Of course the talent

Successful singers have a “look” that conveys that sultry feel that jazz offers. They have a style that incites excitement, the music clearly comes from inside. It is almost an aura of sound that surrounds them. The successful songstress carries themselves with confidence and an attitude of knowing what they are bringing to the table. Of course the whole package hinges on that talent. The ability to bring the music to life. Making a name in Jazz is not an easy thing to do so when you come across someone that has you will know why.

Bringing the Music to Life
The vocalist has always played an important role in American standards they take the music and put a face on it, they bring the music to life. Music takes on a life force all its own when you are able to hear it through the voice of a talented female artist. It goes from being a background noise to a melodic force. The right artist catapults you to a place that will stay set firmly in your memory. The matriarchs of Jazz have left their calling card on the souls of the new generation of singers. While there are not many that can make it in this genre the handful that do are unforgettable. They are not reproductions of what once was but infuse a modern talent into of a well-loved genre.

Sylvia Brooks is the female vocalist that is taking the Jazz world by storm. Her sultry smoky renditions are something everyone should be paying attention to.

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