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The Surprising Health Benefits You Gain From Listening to Jazz While jazz is always a joy to listen to, there are actually medically-proven ways that it benefits your health. From smooth jazz to Dixieland to a jazz female vocalist, read on and see how any form of jazz can help you lead a healthier lifestyle.

Lowers Blood Pressure

While music alone is not a standalone treatment for hypertension, people who have listened to jazz sung by a female vocalist during clinical trials have been shown to have enlarged blood vessels which, of course, lowers blood pressure. While the exact mechanisms of this result are currently unknown, the process has been duplicated in clinical several studies. The respected New Orleans Musicians Clinic also claims that jazz increases immunoglobulin levels, which lowers the risk of infections in the body.

Brain Stimulation

It has also been clinically shown that a jazz female vocalist stimulates brain waves. No matter what type of jazz is being played, the brain showed a high increase in activity. Stress relief came by way of an increase in alpha wave production, which has been linked to reduced anxiety and a calming effect on the mind. More restful sleep is induced by an increase in delta brain waves. All of this adds up to a more healthful body, all aided by doing nothing more than listening to jazz while you go about your day.

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