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If you plan to have a small wedding with a few close friends and family members, then you might want to consider an outdoor venue. Whether it’s in the spring with flowers blooming or in the fall with the leaves changing colors, an outdoor venue offers many benefits that an indoor location might not offer. Here are a few things to look for when choosing this type of venue.


One of the first things to consider when looking at outdoor wedding venues in Lake Geneva, WI, is the time of year when you plan to get married. You want to be comfortable, and you want your guests to be comfortable while they are outside. Consider setting up a tent if there’s a possibility of cold or hot temperatures.


You want the venue for your wedding to be one that’s easily accessible for most of your family and friends. When you’re looking at outdoor wedding venues in Lake Geneva, WI, you could hold the ceremony in one location and then the reception in another location that’s closer to your guests who aren’t able to travel. The location should also be easily accessible for those who might need assistance walking.


Consider using some of the natural items that are near the venue for decorations. These could be flowers that you turn into bouquets or bales of hay that are nearby that can be used as seats. If you plan to take decorations to the venue, you need to have a way to keep them together and to ensure that nothing gets left behind.

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