Three Reasons Why Best Weddings in Orland Park are Held at Country Clubs

The venue where you hold your wedding matters. Once the venue has been chosen, everything else comes together from the decorations to the menu. You can have your invitations printed and mailed. Plus, it is one more thing you can cross off your list. You have several types of venues at your disposal. One type that is popular is the country club.

Here are three reasons why some of the best weddings in Orland Park have been held at country clubs.

Price Conscious

One myth that surrounds country clubs as a venue for weddings is that it is too expensive. This is not the case. While country clubs are exclusive getaways for members who pay their membership fees, renting facilities is a different story. Non-members can rent the facilities, too, which is beneficial for everyone.


Holding your wedding at a country club offers several conveniences. One is their catering services. Part of the fees that country club members pay goes toward the quality of the food served on the premises. For your wedding, you can hire the club’s food catering services, too.

Wedding Packages

As you plan your wedding, you may have your own wedding planner, caterer and decorator in mind. Country clubs do offer wedding packages, though. This allows you to shorten your to-do list because the staff at the venue handles as much as they can thanks to existing services.

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