Three Tips to Consider when Choosing the Perfect Lemont Wedding Venue

Your experiences as a couple always play an important role when making decisions, especially about your wedding. This includes wedding theme, venue, and date. Your venue is one of the factors that will play an important role in your wedding. What if you have too many places in mind? Go for a Lemont wedding venue that will make your wedding more memorable.

What should you consider when choosing a venue for your wedding?

Number of Guests vs. Venue

If you are expecting hundreds of guests, book a place that will keep them comfortable moving around. A country club can surely give them enough space to roam, take pictures, and enjoy the scenery as compared to an enclosed hotel or restaurant.

Because of the space available, you can even ask your host or wedding organizer to make use of it, to make the wedding livelier and more exciting. Wedding games are welcome if you have a spacious venue.


At a wedding, most guests are from different cities. These include childhood friends, old neighbors, relatives who moved away or colleagues who live from different towns. It means having guests who traveled with their own cars. One problem that you can face when having a wedding reception is the lack of parking.

Look for a venue with parking lots for your guests. If you are expecting 500 guests, then look for a venue that can house at least 250 cars.

Style or Theme

An event coordinator can plan easier when it comes to styles and designs if space is not a problem. If you want to give your wedding planner an easy time making a grand venue for your wedding, choose a spacious venue like a country club.

Are you afraid that a Lemont wedding venue will cost you an arm and a leg if you will do it in a country club? Think again! Check with Carriage Greens Country Club or visit their website to find out about their pricing for wedding events.

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