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Pursuing a career as a textile designer offers a way for someone who loves creating art to get a job doing so. A broad range of options are available, all of them focusing on fabric. Graduating from one of the top textile design schools gives the person a significant edge in this keenly competitive field.

At first thought, the concept of textile design might seem completely tied to the fashion industry. Considering it further, however, one realizes how many types of fabric items are sold in large quantities. Towels, bed linens and carpeting are just three examples. Men and women interested in the career may apply to top textile design schools and look forward to their upcoming study program.

People in this career also can find work combining colors and creating designs for fabric material sold to consumers in retail stores. People who like to sew clothing, quilts and other projects appreciate being able to find just the kind of imagery and color combination they had in mind.

While completing the degree, students learn the characteristics of various materials. They have the chance to experiment with cotton, nylon, rayon and numerous other fabrics. Students learn how to keep up to date with trends. Out in the working world, they are always ready to respond to changes in consumer demand. Students also start building a portfolio; the best strategy is to have both a digital and a physical portfolio.

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