Why You Should Obtain a Master’s of Art in Education

Are you considering graduate school for education? Do you have a passion for art? Have you always wondered the difference between obtaining a Master’s of Art in education compared to a Master in Education? Becoming a teacher does not necessarily even mean that you have to already have completed a graduate program. Earning a Master’s degree not only suggests that you have the ability to make more money, but it also provides you with additional benefits.

The Benefits of a Master’s Degree

1. Obtaining a degree for a Master of Arts in Education gives you the opportunity to focus more on specializing in a certain aspect of teaching. You will have more experience with teaching within a classroom instead of performing more administrative tasks that someone may be required to do if they receive a Master’s in Education. For examples, a Master of Science in Education should be obtained by someone interested in educational research, and a Master’s of Art in Education is for someone interested in teaching art.

2. A Master’s degree can always make you seem more advanced in your education and can help you to obtain a job. You can receive greater benefits and a higher salary if you have a higher education when compared to someone that only has a Bachelor’s degree.

3. Students may look up to you more so as you have experience researching and more education under your belt. Not only can students see you as a mentor, but fellow faculty may think of you more highly and come to you for help.

Getting a Master’s Is Worth Your Time

Although graduate school can be an expense, it can also be worth the respect that you receive from students, parents, and faculty. Specializing in a topic can set you apart from other individuals applying for the same position because you have shown an interest to focus on a certain aspect of teaching.

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