The Benefits of Completing a Low Residency Program in the Visual Arts

Any artist who is serious about their craft should always be interested in taking steps to refine their abilities. This is particularly true of the visual arts, but how do you complete a collegiate-level program when you are limited on time? The answer is a low residency MFA visual arts program.

When you are a lone artist, your ability to learn is greatly limited. Your perspective of your craft may only extend so far when your only source of helpful criticism are those who are closest to you in life. By taking the time to complete a masters program, you can gain access to a whole new world of diverse perspectives that will greatly expand your horizons.

A traditional year-round program might be quite challenging to complete if you are engaged in other business throughout the year though. By choosing to complete a low residency MFA visual arts program instead, you can spend your time doing what you love most while honing your skills on the side. These programs will demand less of your time overall since they can be completed from the comfort of your own studio for the most part. They only require that you attend school in person for approximately six weeks out of the year so that you can remain active in your current trade while continuing to master your skills.

The benefits of completing one of these programs are nonetheless numerous despite their less intensive nature. By choosing to complete a low residency MFA visual arts program, you will gain access to all of the tools and resources at the disposal of the university being attended. Naturally this will result in constant interaction with other artists who are both students and masters of their crafts so that you may broaden your horizons to the greatest extent possible. To start broadening your horizons today, visit at School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

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