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So, you’ve finally set the date to pronounce the ‘yes, I do.’ Now you are trying to think of the best venue where the event will take place. Well, we will help you out. Selecting an outdoor wedding in Lake Geneva, WI will be an ideal choice. Continue reading to learn the top reasons for making this choice:

Enjoy The Backdrop

The beautiful ambiance provided by the outdoor wedding is unmatched. From the lush green pastures, beautifully trimmed landscapes, a bit of chiming birds, and, more importantly, fresh air—the experience is amazing both for the camera and your comfort.

More Spacious

Indoor weddings such as churches or halls are sometimes limited by space. To avoid such a predicament, going outdoor can be ideal. Note that the wedding isn’t just for the invites. Rather, there are unexpected guests and playing kids who’ll get accommodated easily in outdoor venues.

Intimate And Personalized Feeling

When you are a nature lover, then an outdoor wedding will capture you fine. In addition, you can add your personal touch to make the event more colorful. For instance, you can add flowers, fabrics, and lighting, something that won’t come out with an indoor setup.


Your wedding doesn’t have to be costly when you choose outdoor venues. Unlike indoor venues where you’ll get charged extra for space, outdoor weddings won’t be that expensive. Plus, you won’t spend a lot on decorations. The beautiful natural setting will work in your favor.

For more information about outdoor weddings in Lake Geneva, WI, feel free to contact Abbey Springs.

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